How we communicate

✔ We are in favour of simplicity and openness.

We communicate by creating a pleasant atmosphere.

✔ We respect personal space

We try to keep our behaviour low-key, both in times of joy and anger.

✔ We say hello to all colleagues

Even if we haven't learnt all their names yet.

✔ We treat each other with respect.

We treat our colleagues and visitors as we would like to be treated.

✘ We absolutely do not tolerate discriminatory behaviour

In any form or language, or harassment.

How we dress for work

The colour of clothing is dependant of your position: red is for photography and black for facepaint. IF you switch position during the day make sure you switch clothes (jackets) to make sure it is clear at what position your standing.

Depending a position you will be provided with at least two sets of polos, 1west/jacket, 1 bodywarmer.

Cloth will be picked up from an Image+ room on your first day together with a team leader. Cloth should be taken home with you and washed. After the end of your contract cloth should returned to team leaders clean and undamaged.

  • All white / all black closed shoes
  • Long dark blue /black even pants (jeans, trousers)
  • Image+ Polo red (photography) or black(face painting). May be long or short sleeve.
  • Image+ vest / Image+ Jacket
  • Image+ black bodywarmer
  • Gloves open or closed black / Hat black (not obligatory)

  • All white / all black closed shoes
  • Long dark blue /black even pants (jeans, trousers). 3/4th pants (over the knees) are allowed if working temperatures are over 25 degrees.
  • Image+ Polo – may be a long or short sleeve.
  • Image+ vest / Image+ Jacket / Image+ black bodywarmer

How we work and how we rest

We start working from 9-10 am in most of the parks. Being late is very undesirable, but if it happens and you have been waiting for a train, metro or bus for 35 minutes instead of 3 minutes, please notify the team leader and be in touch. Make sure you are available on weekends and holidays because these will be your working hours!

Let's talk about vocation!
- It is indeed important to take not of the main holiday period for your region. Leave during these periods is not preferred and won’t always be honored.
- Student/ Flex contracts: no direct leave, discuss holidays always with you teamleader and team.
- MiniJob (DE): paid out in full at the end of your contract.
- Parttime/ Fulltime contracts: dependant on country and type of contracts. Contact your teamleader or Sean for more details.

How we take a break


"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe." ©Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes it can get really busy in the parks, but we do prioritise our break time. Give yourself a rest in our canteen rooms, make new friends, change your focus and then get ready for another part of your day refreshed!

And outside of work

Over more than 30 years, we have developed several traditions that we are particularly fond of.

We also enjoy board games, barbeques, workshops, yearly gatherings for more staff activities! Should you have an idea of a fun activity to hold with your colleagues? Let us know and we will make sure to add it to our list! Send a message on our!!!!!
Your colleagues are not only great professionals in their field, but also keen and interesting people, so every few months we organise workshops where everyone can talk about their hobbies and teach their colleagues new things.

Our glass jar

Never underestimate the importance of socialising! Should you be struggling with breaking the ice? In a break room there is a box with questions that can help you to get to know your colleagues better!


– You get access to the link training platform, which can be used for self-improvement.

– You get a team card with free parking, and free entrance to all the Plopsa parks except for Plopsa Station as there is no park parking available.

– 50% discount for Food and Beverage in all the Plopsa Parks.

Extra online learning fo all of our employees!

We believe that it is important to give our colleagues ways for personal growth. We offer free access to “Good Habits”, which is a fun online learning environment with a variety of topics! Check it out to see whether there is something for you! Make sure to ask Sean to give you log-in details.