Studio Photography

Chromakey (also known as greenscreen) exists for many years, but always with a certain difficulty. Customers are standing in front of a green screen, and do not know how to act, where to put their hands, etc.

Therefor we introduce: Live video chromakey with a high resolution photo camera, to get the perfect picture


  • Fast live view in a virtual environment
  • High resolution photo
  • Resizing and moving
  • Perfect keying in a second
  • Photo prints up to A4

Imagine how easy it will be for your visitors to take a pose. They see themselves in a virtual environment knowing exactly where they are placed against the background, how to look, react or behave.

It will give so much fun for the visitors being photographed while other guests can view the action.

To make it even more fun why not add costumes and accessories to place your guests in a completely different world.

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