Very important contacts

CEO: Tiny Bijlstra

 Financial administration, Service team, Development department

+31 651 090 007

Problems with one of your supervisors? Feeling unsafe? Or just want to share some ideas? Feel free to reach out to Tiny!

Country Manager: Sean Eijkmans

Operational coordination photo & facepaint teams

+31 618 644 644

Here to help you! Problems with payments, contracts, your team leader, Plopsa Staff, unclear rules or just wanting to share some thoughts, tips or ideas? Feel free to reach out to Sean!

Service team:

 +31 599 330 938

Anything technical suddenly stopped working? Call our service team, there to help you!

Terminals. Printers, sales software and hardware, payment terminals, camera’s, lost photo’s to name a few.

Team leaders: 

Here for your daily questions: planning, payment, rules, training, guest interaction

  • Plopsa Indoor Coevorden - Janoux

  • Wildlands - Janoux

  • Plopsaland De Panne - Damien

  • Plopsa Coo - Damien

  • Plopsa Indoor Hasselt - Shadia

  • Plopsa Station Antwerp - Sean

  • Holiday Park Germany - Sean


  • Majaland Kownaty - Kinga

  • Majaland Warszawa - Nikita

  • Majaland Gdańsk - Julia