Dear colleague!

Congratulations, you are now part of the Image+ team!

Believe us, it was not easy to find you, but now we are together and we look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation!

In front of you is a Welcome book, which will help you get to know our company, values and philosophy better, get to know our top managers in absentia, find answers to any questions you may have, learn some of the nuances of work and details of corporate life. We want your adaptation to be as smooth as possible, and your career path in the company to be rich and interesting!

 We wish you a pleasant immersion!



Our clients

Our achievements

Company structure

Key characters

Our purpose, our dream, our values


We are in parks


Wildlands Adventure Zoo –




How we communicate

How we dress for work

Let's talk about money

How we work

How we take breaks

Outside of work

Our glass jar


The induction training

The training on position

Operating procedure 



Major events or changes




Company vacancies



Very important contacts


We are in socials


Direct line with managers


Adaptation feedback